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I'm a huge nerd who studied architecture and started my own non-profit (Epicenter) with friends. I live in the beautiful desert of Utah.


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Green River Ambulance & Siren

Shot with my Olympus PEN E-PM1

Green River Sunset

Shot with my Olympus PEN E-PM1

Green River, Five Reasons

I found this video while searching for home made videos about Green River. Success!

The main drag of Green River, Utah, is littered with the corpses of ‘70s-era motels, a gold mine for those fascinated by urban decay. Amtrak runs through there, and the roadside stands are bursting with locally grown melons in the fall. One of the only open bars in town, Ray’s Tavern, has a good microbrew selection, and their hamburgers are huge. Don’t miss the John Wesley Powell River History Museum; the man, a Civil War hero, only had one arm! The state park’s campground advertises “No Hookups,” which always makes me laugh.
Emily Guerin (of High Country News in response to the question, “What’s your favorite faraway less-than-famous place in the West?”)