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Star Wars family car decals can be purchased here.


Miami-based art director Esteban Izquierdo has digitally manipulated the heads of iconic characters from the movie Star Wars onto the bodies of people in old, vintage photographs. 

In his series called ‘Before Star Wars’, Izequierdo humorously reimagines the roles of Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Yoda, before the events of Star Wars

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  • The following blog posts contains explicit language and no nudity. It is taken from emails between me and some guy who calls himself my "boyfriend" for some reason. Weirdo.
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  • J: So you saw Avatar! What did you think? My brother speculates that it will be the Star Wars of our time. Hmm, thats a pretty tough act to follow... At any rate, I don't think those humans have truly given up! I guess we'll see...
  • M: Avatar, Avatar. What to say about Avatard? It was pretty radical visually (why do I talk like a surfer?). But, I have a feeling we'll look back in 5 years and laugh at how awesome we thought it looked. Jurassic Park... remember how AMAZING that looked? Oh wait... you would have only been 6 years old. You get my point, though, you tiny baby. Tell your dummie brother there is absolutely no 'effing way Avatar will be the Star Wars of our time. Star Wars had epic character development, for one... and didn't have a bunch of new-age hippie bullshit. Don't get me started on the genius of Star Wars... goddamn. But, yeah, Avatar was pretty. "Pretty" like an ex you have no interest in *%*&ing anymore. Now, Star Wars... always bangable. I feel I might have turn this idea into a blog post...
  • J: You are right Avatar is kind of a dirty little slut. You are mesmerized by the special effects, but once that fades there will be no reason to love her anymore... You should blog about the StarWars/Avatar conundrum, be sure to mention that your asshole boyfriend said that his asshole brother said that it 'was better than *%*&ing Star Wars' (not sexually of course).
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  • Point is... get over Avatar. I think most of you are, and this blog post should have been done back in December/January when this conversation took place. Nothing will ever be as awesome as Star Wars (original trilogy), but we can always dream...